The most successful companies recognize the importance their people play in reaching (and surpassing) company goals and objectives.  These companies focus on developing employees rather than developing paperwork and processes.  This approach has proven time and time again to result in an engaged workforce who know that their company is looking out for their best interest and thus they are committed to looking out for the best interest of their company.

For more than 20 years, Checkmate has been supporting and advising its clients on how they can best serve their employees and implement key workforce strategies.  Checkmate's SaasHR Workforce Management Solution permits companies to automate and streamline their paperwork and processes for payroll, time & attendance, HRIS and ACA compliance. We also match you with a dedicated client account manager who learns the unique needs of your company to provide guidance not only in processing your payroll or on the best use of our tools and software, but also in helping to identify potential workforce strategies.  This allows client organizations to ensure that they are complying with all employer obligations and regulatory compliance while saving leadership time and financial resources to concentrate on their most vital assets: their people.