Three Under 30: A New Approach to Business and HR

Workshop 5 | Thursday, May 11 | 2:45 - 4:15

AKA Succession Planning for the HR Profession in Maine. This is the oldest state in the country, demographically speaking. And this is true of the HR profession as well, but who are the next leaders set to drive the profession in Maine? Three young HR professionals who will take the stage to tell us not just who they are, not just their hopes and dreams, but rather what they are actually doing to make a difference at work, for their co-workers, and their neighboring communities. Join Strategic HR U.S.'s very own, James Brissenden as he moderates this discussion with Sahil Sanan of Hays, Adam Hawkes of IDEXXand Maine Medical Center's Colby Houdlette. This is not another talk about generational differences, it's a talk about how three young HR professionals network inside and outside the profession and how they are building their careers.

Approved for SHRM credit and HRCI BUSINESS credit.