The Top 10 Workplace Investigation Fails and How to Avoid Them

Workshop 3 | Friday, May 12 | 10:45 - 12:00

If you’re at the Convention, you’ve likely been involved in or conducted a workplace investigation – perhaps in response to a sexual harassment claim, or a bullying and workplace violence scenario. An effective investigation is the first line of defense against grievances, discrimination complaints, and other claims. Sara Hellstedt and Ann Freeman, attorneys specializing in labor and employment law at Bernstein Shur in Portland, are here to share what happens when investigations are executed improperly. Sara and Ann will demonstrate this by employing some fun social media content and a twitter hashtag skit and contest. Participants will: 1) Discover the top ten investigation failures based on Sara and Ann’s collective experience representing employers around the state; 2) Understand the reasons for and impact of these investigation failures; and ultimately 3) Learn how to implement strategies and best practices required for a successful investigation so that you will not be the subject of a hashtag skit or other social media exposure. Ann and Sara’s goal is to increase the fairness and effectiveness of your investigation techniques while keeping you out of the news.

Approved for SHRM credit and HRCI general (HR) credit.