Downs Rachlin Martin is pleased to be this year’s Sunday Welcome Brunch Sponsor.  Labor and Employment Attorney Beth Rattigan will address brunch-goers with her presentation of Corporate Transparency through the HR Looking Glass, during which she will explore the issue of transparency across a company and its impact on employee engagement, performance, and business success.  How does transparency affect privacy concerns about personnel and other legal issues?  Does your workforce know how pay is calculated and, if they do, does this address pay equity concerns?   Is social media forcing employers to be more transparent?   Technology and generational changes in the workforce are driving the transparency trend.  The trick is finding the sweet spot between transparency and privacy.  Be sure to sign up for this event – it’s not to be missed!

About DRM

DRM is the largest law firm in Vermont and one of the largest firms in northern New England offering a broad range of services with deep experience in those specific areas.  Our labor and employment attorneys are highly regarded counselors, thought leaders, authors and teachers of employment law. Several of our attorneys have experience as managers and human resource professionals, and, as a result, have a keen understanding of the day-to-day pressures of business operations and human relations issues. We regularly provide practical solutions in line with good human resources practices to help our clients find effective, customized solutions to their various needs.  Our attorneys also present client-tailored supervisor training programs, as well as develop and review employee handbooks, audit wage and hour practices, develop affirmative action plans, and structure reductions-in-force or other corporate restructurings. Downs Rachlin Martin: Business Sense, Legal Ingenuity.




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