Throughout Bay Path University’s close to 120-year history, it has stayed true to its core promise of providing innovative, career-focused educational programs both to meet students’ aspirations and to address workforce needs. 

Committed to advancing higher education for women, Bay Path recognized that, for many of the 76 million women without a Baccalaureate degree, access remains one of the greatest limiting factors. To address this gap, Bay Path made a serious commitment that built upon the University’s success of the One Day A Week program at retaining and supporting adult women pursuing undergraduate degrees in an accelerated format.

Following the successful pilot of a fully online degree completion program in Leadership and Organizational Studies for women only, the University in 2013 launched The American Women’s College, a fully online Baccalaureate degree program for adult women. With financial support from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), The American Women’s College distinguished its programs from other conventional online options with the Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL) model. SOUL is a highly interactive and personalized learning system that uses predictive analytics to create a dynamic online learning environment along with an evaluative protocol to award credit for prior experience. For adult women who may be employed, have family responsibilities and may have some college credit, The American Women’s College, now in its third year of operation, opens the door to opportunity through a creative and supportive framework that is yielding retention and graduation rates that far exceed the national average.

 The Bay Path University mission statement reads:

“A Bay Path University education empowers undergraduate women and graduate women and men to become leaders in their careers and communities with an innovative approach to learning that prepares students to flourish in a constantly changing world.

The Bay Path experience is nothing less than transformational. Our women-only undergraduate programs and our coeducational graduate programs and professional certificates are offered both on campus and online, providing a flexible 21st Century education for learners at all stages of life and career. Bay Path students find a supportive and diverse community, close mentoring and rigorous preparation for success in a complex and globally interdependent society. Students graduate with the applied knowledge, portable skillset and confidence to thrive in their professions, identify and realize their dreams and make a lasting difference in the world.”

Bay Path University