Summit Ergonomics offers office ergonomic products and expertise to help you create a healthier and more productive workspace. We work with our customers to help assess the need(s), offer several options at different price-points, and then deliver with installation services and training, if desired.

As a licensed vendor for over 35 different suppliers we can draw upon our 25 years of industry experience to help find the best solution for you or your employee(s). We are not beholden to one specific manufacturer so we can truly offer an unbiased approach to research the best products for your specific need and budget.

Whether it be one employee or a staff of 500, office or light industrial, we have the resources to make your workplace safer and more productive. We are a nationally contracted ergonomic vendor for several Fortune 100 businesses and have a significant local presence in New England.

David Bernardi, president of Summit Ergonomics, has just published his new book From Pain to Productivity: Fixing America’s Workspaces One Desk at a Time. In it he gives insight to the ergonomic process and products he’s used to save his clients millions of dollars over the last 10 years.  His real-world case studies help illustrate how simple ergonomic solutions can be used to reduce absenteeism, minimize risk of injury, improve employee morale and enhance employee productivity.

David will be offering signed copies of his new book to visitors of our Ergo Café booth area which can be found in the conservatory of the hotel. We will have charging stations onsite for your phones and tablets, as well as the latest sit-stand technology to experience. We will also have several of our ergonomic office chairs for you to sit in and experience the support and comfort they offer.

We look forward to meeting you at the Ergo Café !

Summit Ergonomics