Infinity Massage Chairs was established in 2010 with the goal of improving wellness for people of all lifestyles. Our chairs have helped a wide array of individuals enhance their physical and mental health, including athletes building endurance, chronic pain sufferers, anyone who needs a good night’s sleep, and the enormous number of individuals dealing with stress – one of the most significant factors inhibiting people from living well.

In an effort to make massage more accessible to a larger audience, we partner with progressive companies to bring our chairs to the workplace. We find that not only do the employees in these companies benefit just as much as those with massage chairs at home, but their improved attitude, engagement, and mental agility have a direct positive impact on the overall culture and success of the business.

Why add Infinity Massage Chairs to your wellness program?

Convenient – What’s the point of perks that your employees can’t take advantage of? Infinity chairs are available any day, any time, and are easily accessible within your office building. That makes it easy for all members of your team to squeeze in a quick 10-minute massage around their busy days.

Low-Risk – Unlike traditional massage, Infinity chairs are enjoyed without the assistance of a masseur, which means you don’t have to worry about the liability associated with having an outside contractor come to your office. This means an extra level of safety, privacy, and personal comfort for your employees.

Affordable – A massage chair is a one-time investment that lasts for years, even with frequent daily use. The upfront investment will pay for itself with the first year, particularly when compared to pay-per-use perks like visiting fitness instructors or masseurs.

Personalized – Massage benefits people of a variety of different lifestyles. Athletic employees will enjoy a deep tissue massage to break up lactic acid in their whole body, while employees with chronic pain or injury will enjoy gentle, targeted massage that soothes their pain and helps prevent additional strain. Every employee will enjoy the opportunity to relax and drop stress levels, allowing them to better focus on their work.

Easy to Maintain – Infinity chairs don’t require any regular service, and can stay clean with just a quick wipe with a towel and any approved cleaning product. It will be the easiest employee you’ve ever worked with.

Infinity. Wellness for life.

Infinity Massage Chair