CK Markets are the latest innovation in workplace food service, providing 24/7 self-service access to a range of fresh and healthy foods and beverages. Items include salads, yogurt, fresh fruit, veggie snacks, enhanced waters, teas, as well as the traditional snacks. At our micro markets consumers can see the nutritional information of the items before purchasing and can check for freshness. They simply scan the item and then pay at the Kiosk with a loaded-value card, credit card, fingerprint or the CK App.

CK Markets are a perfect addition to nearly any break room for companies with around 200 employees or more. Our micro markets are feeding employees of the following industries across the nation:

  • Call Centers
  • Distribution / Fulfilment Centers
  • Manufacturing Plans
  • Tech and Media Companies
  • Casinos
  • Law Offices
  • Office Buildings
  • Banks and Credit Unions.
  • Many more...

All food and drinks are replenished and serviced at no cost to the employer. Employees aren't leaving work as often to grab a snack or lunch, so productivity increases. Having a micro market on site is perceived as an employee benefit, since there is so much more variety than traditional vending. Plus, Company Kitchen includes industry-leading wellness support including Our DNA (Daily Nutritional Analysis) nutritional tracking and CK Client Portal where HR and Wellness employees can instantly access sales data on the nutrition of what is sold in their market. Visit and see why there are more than 1,600 CK Markets nationwide!


Company Kitchen