Stacie Mallen

Start-up guru Stacie Mallen recently became the Chief People Officer of CampusLogic, a high-growth tech start-up that is already changing the way Financial Aid is done in a large segment of the market. After 20 years of working in organizations to optimize the experience of employees to drive business and build companies with true purpose, she became painfully aware that we are need of a revolution. is a personal account of her experiences and how her team became a key catalyst for success with 7 start ups and one Fortune 5O company all experiencing explosive growth. Today Stacie speaks to Human Resources Events & Conferences, Universities, and Trade Associations about People-Centric Business founded and guided by purpose. She challenges the audience to find their authentic voice and rebel against the status quo. Each participant has the opportunity to walk away with a plan on how to create their own rebellion of change within their business to maximize growth while fostering compassion, kindness and transparency. She challenges each audience to find their own truth in order to create tangible change and transformation in the world.