James Brissenden

Relationship Strategist

Hi there! My name is James Brissenden and I recently joined the warm family over at Strategic HR U.S. I graduated from Bates College with a degree in Psychology and am finding as many ways as possible to immerse myself into the HR world. I plan to study business, continue my career in HR, and some day settle down in a rustic cabin with an outgoing Australian shepherd. One day at a time.

I describe myself as a people person. I love conversation, laughing, sharing information, and getting to know new faces. Perhaps because of my social excitement, I serve as the Attendee Sourcer and Relationship Strategist for Strategic HR U.S. That is, I focus on expanding the attendee lists of all our events as well as maintaining personal relationships with those people. Along side our passionate team, I also help in the planning and execution of all events.

I grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts, and now live amongst the craft beer, cobblestones, and old, brick buildings of Portland, ME. I write piano music, love cooking, hike as much as possible, and sketch landscapes with pen and watercolor. I walk very slowly and live for the season of autumn.

As a young professional, I couldn’t be more excited to enter the HR world surrounded by such a knowledgeable and experienced crew. I look forward to helping Bud and the team keep producing some of the best HR conferences in the North East!