Sunday, August 28

This is the 2016 schedule. Check back in April for 2017 details.


9:00     Conference Registration Opens

Welcome to the 24th Annual Comp Summit!

Our team is at your service throughout the conference.

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10:00 - 2:00     Comp Summit Orientation: Knowledge and Skill Building

Comp 101. This session is designed for those professionals with three years or less experience with Maine’s workers’ compensation system. If you are highly familiar with the system, the basic issues, and form filing requirements, this program is not for you. Following introductory remarks by Paul Sighinolfi, the Board’s Executive Director, our faculty will introduce you to key concepts, terminology, and procedures. Learn about the sequence of events that follow a typical compensation claim and the basic defenses to a claim. The faculty also discusses the completion of Board forms as well as the obligation and time frames for filing the forms, with particular emphasis on the common errors in form completion that we all encounter. Written materials prepared by the program faculty and by the Board will supplement the presentation.

Faculty: Deborah Buccina (Douglas, Denham, Buccina & Ernst in Portland); Steve Moriarty and Lindsey Morrill Sands (Norman, Hanson & DeTroy in Portland); and Gordon Davis (Training and Outreach Coordinator, Workers' Compensation Board).

Lunch is included for individuals who pre-register for this session.

NOON     Comp Summit Golf Tournament

The stunningly beautiful Samoset golf course awaits. Join the annual golf festivities, test your skills, enjoy camaraderie, and win prizes. Shotgun start with a scramble format that everyone can enjoy. Boxed lunch is provided. Team prizes plus awards for longest drive and closest to the pin. You can register to play when you register for the conference or any time prior to August 17. Form your own team or let us assign you to a fun grouping.

Hosted by: myMatrixx

2:30 - 3:45     How Employers Impact Workers' Comp Claims

A global approach to workplace solutions, pre- and post-injury. Join this resource-based discussion on dealing with workers’ compensation claims before they occur as well as contested and non-contested claims after they occur. The audience will engage in breakout sessions and discuss real-life scenarios in order to relay practical advice and ensure that those in attendance leave with the confidence they need to properly handle claims. Particular emphasis focuses on the critical 14-day period after a work injury, investigations, return to work strategies, communication skills, preparing for troubleshooting and mediation, and settlements. Faculty: Nelson Larkins and John Cronan (Preti Flaherty in Portland, Maine).

4:00 - 5:00     Understand the Problem First

Why does heroin abuse matter to a claims professional? From its earliest use in the 1800s as a treatment for morphine withdrawal to its widespread use as a cough suppressant in the century that followed, heroin was a commonly used medication until its addictive dangers were recognized, and sales of the drug were restricted by the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act in 1914. Heroin’s popularity and illicit use continued through the Vietnam War era and has now made a 21st century resurgence. With the growing use of powerful prescription painkillers like OxyContin, more Americans are becoming addicted to prescription drugs that provide a similar type of high - and heroin has become a cheaper alternative for a new generation of addicts. The impact is far-reaching, and the state of Maine has even been referred to as a “haven for heroin." Phil Walls, RPH, Chief Clinical Officer for myMatrixx in Tampa, Florida, will discuss the history of heroin use in the U.S., how it has impacted our current prescription drug abuse crisis, and how claims adjusters, case managers, pharmacists and other health professionals play key roles in identifying at-risk patients to help them regain control of their health and their lives.

5:00 - 6:30     Grand Welcoming Reception

Join the summit's opening reception. It's a great way to renew acquaintances and make new Comp Summit friends. Enjoy the delicious hors d'oeuvres and networking--poolside!

Your Host: Concentra 

6:00 - 9:00     Dinner on Your Own

Enjoy dinner at one of the many great restaurants in Mid-Coast Maine. Dining options from the most elegant to the most traditional await you in Rockland, Camden, and Rockport. Check out Trip Advisor, the concierge desk at the Samoset, or your own private sources of information. Plan ahead!

8:00 - 12:00     Entertainment Begins in the Enoteca Lounge!

8:00 - 9:00: Open Mic with Mike. Enjoy live music from fellow Comp attendee Mike Richards. You may hear from other special guests too.

9:00 - 12:00: Kick up your heels with DJ Kevin Duran of Double Platinum Celebrations.

Hosted by: IWP

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