Friday, May 12

Thank you for joining us for an incredible HR Convention in 2017! The following information is from the completed event. Check back in the fall for updates on what is ahead for next year.

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7:00 - 8:00     EARLY BIRD SESSION: Gamification, Pokemon, March Madness,

   the Super Bowl and Your HR TeamDebra Weiss Ford

Pokémon GO swept the nation in 2016 – at its peak attracting approximately 25 million U.S. users, 69% of which admit to playing at work, often on company-issued mobile devices. However, Pokémon is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing the effect of modern technology on workplace productivity. From mobile games to March Madness to online shopping and streaming, what are the risks and how can managers effectively monitor this behavior? Furthermore, with the recent trend of workplace “gamification” to boost engagement and retention, is there a place for gaming in the office? Presenter Debra Weiss Ford, Managing Principal of Jackson Lewis P.C., will foster a comprehensive discussion of the modern day workplace, guiding attendees through interactive scenarios – using your own mobile devices to vote on outcomes of specific and real-life examples to find meaningful, lawful and constructive solutions.

Approved for SHRM credit and HRCI general (HR) credit.

8:15 - 9:15     KEYNOTE: Cultivating a Human-Centered Culture

     Presented by Nancy Lyons | Minneapolis, MN

Nancy Lyons“Think strategically, act thoughtfully, and be a good human.” These are the simple but telling mottos our keynote speaker Nancy Lyons uses as her guiding principles in life and in business. The creative work of her company Clockwork in Minneapolis caught our eye on the NBC Nightly News where they were featured as one of the best places to work in the U.S.! Nancy, founder and CEO, joins us to discuss the hard business value of soft, squishy terms like emotional intelligence, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and vulnerability. What can management do to set the tone of a company? How can individual team members affect work culture (and therefore a company's products) through everyday actions? You’ll hear the story of this great company’s evolution and learn how the deliberate build of employee-centric culture can create a workplace that runs as smooth as Clockwork.

Approved for HRCI BUSINESS credit and SHRM credit.

Track: Keynote

9:30 - 10:30     Women In HR Executive Leadership:

                          A 360° View

Plenary Session. With the predominance of women in mid-level HR management positions nationally, it’s intriguing that there aren’t corresponding numbers at the most senior level of large companies. Is this true in Maine, or do we have different undercurrents at work? And what does this mean for your career and your organization? Our morning Keynote presenter Nancy Lyons returns to the stage with Adriana Bellerose, principal and founder of Adriana Bellerose & Associates, and Mike Vail, President of Hannaford, to identify the issues, and discuss the dynamics. Is there a significant differential in negotiating and networking skills between men and women? How does financial and technology acumen come into play? What subtle societal and legal forces have a connection? Is this about the market and/or simply a matter of time? Our panel will take a 360° view of these issues and engage you in conversation.

Approved for HRCI BUSINESS credit and SHRM credit.

Nancy Lyons    Adriana Bellerose    Mike Vail

10:45 - 12:00     CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS

Seven in Seven    Turning 65 Workshop    Workplace Investigation    

12:00 - 1:00     Lunch and HR Conversations

Enjoy your lunch!

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12:30 - 1:30     Convention Commencement:

                         Looking Forward Keynote

If you're only going to attend one Convention week session, may we suggest this be the one. Anne-Marie Storey, Lori Dwyer, and Peter Lowe will engage you in a colloquy with key takeaways from all four days - including your work in skill building, legal compliance, getting strategic, talent acquisition, and creating a great workplace. We'll present a powerpoint of golden nuggets. And through dialogue, quiz questions, and other fun mechanisms, we'll help the audience share their best moments and best information from the Convention. All perfect material for your return to work and your ability to effect change in the direction of HR and your organization.

Approved for SHRM credit and HRCI HR (general) credit.

Anne Marie Storey    Lori Dywer    Peter Lowe