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The annual Maine HR Convention is produced by Strategic HR U.S. We have organized over 150 conferences and events supporting the HR profession and advancing HR careers since opening shop in 1983.

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Heather Bassett

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Chanel Smith

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Becky Thompson

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James Brissenden

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Bud Bernstein


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The Best Keynotes

From Seattle, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Omaha, Boston...and on to the Samoset!

Pictured here is the wonderful Janyne Peek Emsick, Ph.D. from Omaha, Nebraska. Janyne is a teacher, a student, and a leader. Her early work in human resources has blossomed into a consultancy based on...
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A Shout-Out from a Key Supporter

Fusion Brands joins us as a Supporting Sponsor!

Fusion is a full service Promotional Marketing company that focuses on building brands and increasing exposure. Brands are built through a network of apparel, promotional products, and print services,...
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Continuing Education

HRCI and SHRM Info

  Pictured above is keynoter Dwane Lay, author of the LeanHR blog, from St. Louis, Missouri. His keynote is called The Culture Equation: The Power of the Individual. He'll also conduct a bonus...
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